AFS provides comprehensive and affordable services to individuals in the process of selling, redesigning or wanting to organize their home.

Alexa Florence Staging

We are excited to meet you and help with home staging, redesigning or organizing your home. Home Staging is our top service. We will work with you to provide the best possible presentation of your home to the buying market, utilizing the home’s current contents with minimal costs.

living room after staging

We will begin with a thorough walk through of your home using our “Feel Home” staging process that will look at your home through the eyes of the buyer. When we are done you will have a written action plan based on what we believe will get you a faster sale and the maximum price for your home.

bath after redesign

Whether you are downsizing or just looking to refresh the feel your home, redesigning is the art of taking what you have and love and reinventing it. We will work with you to revitalize your home by assisting in furniture placement, color choices, and adding or repurposing accessories.

kitchen after staging

Do you have a troubled room or area in your home that has too much stuff and you just don’t know where to start? We can assist you with a detailed plan to organize, reduce, and/or eliminate clutter and maximize the flow in your home.

Pricing Structure

  • Walk through and consultation, including detailed action plan. $75.00/hour
  • Hands-on assistance in executing action plan. $75/hour, with maximum hour estimate provided.
  • Rent of suggested staging items, one-time fee until house is sold.   (Example; towels, bedding, artwork)
  • Purchase suggested organizational supplies, home decorating/ redesign accessories or furniture. Cost +20 %
  • All service fees due upon completion. Rental fees and purchased items will be billed and due upon receipt.
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Christmas arranging with Alexa Florence!

Besides home staging services, Alexa can also help out with organizations, de-cluttering your home, and holiday decoration strategies.